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Special Points
of Interest

A beautiful bay with fabulous walks to next door Calella or Tamariu
 Safe bathing for everyone
 Always a nice breeze to prevent you frying, plenty of shade too
 A selection of restaurants & cafes
 Plenty of sporting activities to keep everyone occupied
 Sixty miles from Barcelona, one of the most interesting cities in Europe
 Three hours from Andorra
 Access via Barcelona
or Gerona airports
 Thirty miles from Autoroute
 850 miles to Channel Tunnel
 Very popular venue for diving

High season is July and August. Most facilities are available between April and mid October .For self caterers excellent shopping facilities are available in nearby Palafrugell, with fish and vegetable markets almost every day. Palafrugell is a typical market town where you can drink a coffee in square and watch the world go by.

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   Llafranc's unique appeal lives on

Llafranc is a place where nothing has really changed much since the day I first went there nearly 40 years ago. It has a natural beauty that so far no one has altered. Yes, there are new houses, and new developments, but they never seem to affect the basic skyline and certainly nothing changes on the sea front.

So, what is it that makes Barcelona's well-off families come here every year? What is it that makes English people , particularly, speak with such affection and return year after year? I think it can just be summed up by one word - charm.

The weather is invariably good. Warm and sunny as you might expect, but there's always a breeze in the daytime and a relaxing warmth to sit outside in the evening having dinner in a variety of restaurants. The Catalan food is a mixture of products from the sea and the mountains, the Pyreenes, which are only 40 miles away as the crow flies.

Llafranc is a safe place for all the family, especially the younger ones . There's a safe sandy beach and a minimum of traffic, both on the promenade and in the port area.

Llafranc has sporting facilities for every one. It has a tennis club with 24 courts. It has three diving schools which operate most of the year. Within ten miles it has three golf courses, two of which are championship level and finally there's the beautiful Mediterranean sea !

 For your special accommodation
Sea Front Apartments (2)    
 20 yards from beach      
 1st floor & 2nd floors    
 3 twin bedrooms    

2 bathrooms

 kitchen,living room,dining area    
 a large balcony    

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